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Build Income Around Your Passion

Davida Shensky has owned her own business for the last 28 years since she entered the workforce 15 years and before the Americans with Disabilities Act became law.  It is not the limit she places on herself but the limits that society places on her due to their misunderstanding of the disability community at large. She has had to learn to become her own advocate and to think outside of the box when it comes to employment.  She started Career Performance Institute  and works with both companies and individuals to help them reach their maximum potential in life and learn to create opportunities for themselves,  due to the changing workplace, just as she had to do, when she entered the workforce.

Career Performance Institute is a nationally known company that helps you learn to create your own opportunities in life and to live without limits. It helps clients with performance improvement that works with companies focused on developing the skills and abilities of their management teams, customer service team, and front-line workers, as a strategic priority for business growth.  This is a very important issue in a poor economy because people are always looking for good customer service– to keep customers coming back today it is  very important to offer good customer service even if you own your own business. To learn more about Davida & the Career Performance Institute visit her website!